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Get one set of industry-standard credentials, accepted by most clients.
Get automatic reminders when your background and drug certifications need renewal.
Spend more time making money and growing your business, and less time dealing with credentials over and over again.
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About Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon is the first independent, online service exclusively providing independent service professionals a single, efficient, and neutral service to obtain and maintain credentials, education, and relationships. Blue Ribbon is the first and only "one-and-done" credentialing process, designed specifically to reduce the endless and expensive cycle of background checks, drug tests, and certification verifications that independent contractors go through today, one client after another.

Rather than selling "service transactions" or providing an "independent contractor database for hire", the company hosts the information an independent contractor needs to be eligible for work in a way that saves time and money, and provides an advantage in obtaining work. Blue Ribbon members' personal information is protected, and is only made available with member permission to qualified organizations.

"The Blue Ribbon Credentials "Briefcase" empowers independent service professionals to invest in, own, and carry their credentials from contract to contract, client to client... reducing the time and cost of repetitive credentialing. Your briefcase may include common credentials like background and drug checks, as well as industry specific certifications that your clients can validate through the Blue Ribbon platform."
Mike Kraemer, CEO, Blue Ribbon

By providing the only customer neutral, central credentials service, Blue Ribbon enables its members to better navigate the fast-changing work environment, whether that be full employment, staff augmented long-term contract-for-hire work, or short-term project assignments. Additionally, members save time and money as they only have to buy and build their credentials once in serving many clients, and the clients have the confidence that a current and verified credential is in place for each contractor they utilize.

Blue Ribbon's Credentials Briefcase serves independent service providers in achieving their primary missions of being recognized as a professional, getting work, delivering great service, making money, and growing their business.

"Having an independent company manage credentials and provide governance and tracking around technical resources will ensure we are utilizing proper resources to meet our customers' requirements." - Ray W. Caul, Vice President End User Services for Fujitsu America

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